Welcome to Cloud Based Campaigns

We are a Company that is a little different as we have a little bit of everything.  We are all of the following wrapped into one:

  • An Advertiser - We own over 40 offers
  • A Network - We are the AOR on several offers in the Sub-Prime Credit space
  • Emailers - Both Auto Responder & Bulk Emailing
  • Pay-Per-Call Offers - We own 15 of our own
  • Call Center - We own our own Call Centers for Inbound/Outbound Marketing
  • Traffic Monetization - we run outside offers on our Thank You Pages
  • And Much More

CLOUD BASED CAMPAIGNS is currently targeting advertisers, affiliates, publishers, and other networks for collaboration. To learn more about what we offer, simply sign up here >>. Feel free to contact us either by phone: 888-631-7141 or email: affiliates@cloudbasedcampaigns.com.


Below are the offers we own, which we’re currently targeting for traffic:

Offer      Offer in CBC      Payout     
Rent to Own/Bad Credit Home Buyers/Home Buyers    
Ultimate Rent to Own Home Program 1160 $1.50
Register to Buy a Home 2166 $1.50
Free List of Rent to Own Homes 1492 $1.50
Rent to Own Reviews 1538 $1.50
Every Rent to Own Home 3364 $1.50
The HOPE Program 1154 $2.00
1st Time Home Buyer Programs 3606 $2.00
Rental Home Programs    
Assisting Renters 961 $1.00
Every Rental Home 3362 $1.00
Credit Reports & Repair    
Real Time Credit Scores 3329 $35.00
Independent Credit Solutions 4230 $2.00
Real Time Credit Solutions (Free Trial) 3608 $30.00
The Sub Prime Credit Store 3418 $1.50
Ultimate Identity Protection 1831 $2.00
Reporting Rent Payments 4228 $1.00
Get Off Chex Systems 4226 $1.00
Real Estate/Home Owners    
Updated Property Values 2019 $2.00
Roadside Assistance Trial 3307 $30.00
Roadside Assistance Sign Up 3305 $2.00
Quick New Car Search 3331 $2.00
Quick New Loan Search 4194 $2.00
Auto Search and Loans 2182 $4.00
Best Auto Insurance Premiums 2170 $2.00
Education and Financial Aid 2180 $2.00
Personal Loans, Tax & Bookkeeping    
Cloud Based Personal Loans 3874 $2.00
2 Hour Tax Return 1162 $3.00
Advanced Income Tax Planning 1452 $2.00
Cloud Based Bookkeeping 1480 $3.00
Jobs & Biz Opps    
National Jobs Online 669 $2.00
Email Careers Online 2178 $2.00
The Single Social Network 2196 $2.00
Every Single Dating Site 2086 $2.00
Adult Night Play 1116 $3.00
Extra Tickets Available    
Tickets by Email    
Cloud Based Freebies    
Simple Financial Survey    
Simple Real Estate Survey    
Win a Mobile Home    
Sell Your Used Car    
Personal Development    
Simple Real Estate Survey    
Assisting Renters Trial    
Rent Grants    
Ethnicity Dating    
Every Single Online Dater    
Text and Voice Dating    
The LGBT Social Network    
Top Reviewed Dating Sites    
Talk to Live Women    
Product Sampler   $2.00
Own a Dating Business 2192 $3.00
The Income Tax Planning Network 2198 $2.00
Online Income Seminars - IM   $2.00
Ultimate Real Estate Investor Program 1450 $2.00
The Ultimate Realtor Program 1474 $2.00
My Employment Reviews    
Every Customer Service Job    
Become a Wedding Planner    
Budget Planning    
Best Moving Options    
Buy My Mobile Home    
Ultimate Home Improvements    
Ultimate Home Security